... finally a book for all those involved with chronic pain - patients, healthcare professionals, and loved ones who care for those suffering with chronic pain

The Way Through Chronic Pain

“Elizabeth takes us on a rare journey through the mind of a scientist. As a trained academic she presents a scientific study of herself through her years of traumas, addictions, and suffering. We are invited to join her on a study of the anatomy and physiology of a miracle.”  – From the Foreword by Guru Prem Khalsa, Yoga Therapist and Somatic Healer

“This is the story of how life creates an authentic and powerful healer, and its lessons are germane to all of us… especially those who suffer from chronic pain or those who love those who suffer from chronic pain. This amazing woman has not only walked through a life that may be unimaginable to most of us, she has come out the other side smiling… and sharing her trailblazing wisdom with humility and grace.” – Brian Garrison., Yoga teacher and Recovery Coach

“Elizabeth Kipp has written an amazing book to help you find tools, forgiveness and empowerment through chronic pain. If you’re struggling with any kind of pain, you will want to get this book. She is on the cutting edge of this topic and has helped me tremendously with emotional pain. She’s an excellent writer too, a Kundalini yoga teacher and a brilliant scientist. Her light is unstoppable, and her story is so inspirational.” – Lana Maree Haas, Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Sound Healer

“Elizabeth’s book is wonderful and will be a huge help to those suffering from chronic pain and their families and caretakers. And her lyrical voice just pulls you along!” – Robyn Fritz, Columnist, OM Times Media

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