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The Wellness Universe presents Elizabeth Kipp, Stress Management Specialist guiding you through The Way Through Chronic Pain: Tools to Reclaim Your Healing Power a 12-month program that will help you to heal from chronic pain.

Chronic pain is ANY pain – physical, emotional, spiritual, financial – that is felt 15 days out of thirty for three months or more. Chronic pain can be one of the most difficult challenges health care workers face when trying to help patients on their healing journey.

Elizabeth Kipp, author of The Way Through Chronic Pain: Tools to Reclaim Your Healing Power, offer a 12-week course of one-hour sessions based on her book and her journey of healing from over forty years of chronic pain.

This donation-based flex course is supported by a pay-what-you-can structure. Donate upon registration, during sessions, or at your convenience, as you experience the transformation you seek to live your best life. Free seats for those in need.

Live every 1st Tuesday of the month starting 6/7/22 through 5/2/23 at 7 pm Eastern time (4 pm Pacific Time), each 60-minute session will be recorded.

In between sessions you are supported by a private group.
Each session included Q & A.

The_Way_Through_Chronic FINAL front cover 397x612 100819 The Way Through Chronic Pain Book $24.95

“"🙏🏼 Thank you, Elizabeth! Your presence in my life as a guide, coach, resource, safe space, ongoing inspiration, and science expert has been a tremendous and daily transformational opportunity to bring me to the place I am today - true alchemy.🙏🏼 ”

Portland, OR

Some of the benefits to the participants:

  • Calm the nervous system
  • Create an increased sense of safety in the body, mind, and spirit
  • Heighten your awareness
  • Build your intuition 
  • Experience and learn to watch thoughts instead of being identified with and ruled by them
  • Improve your sleep
  • Fill yourself with calm, quiet, balance, and contentment
  • Ease anxiety
  • Find stability 

These classes are designed to offer foundational teachings on today's understanding of chronic pain, both physiologically and psychologically, and to utilize effective, easy-to-implement mind-body-spirit practices to help the individual clear chaotic energies and find stability within the brain and nervous system associated with the experience of chronic pain (and chronic stress):

  • Breath
  • Speech
  • Sound
  • Movement
  • Mindfulness
  • Mindset

so that we create, embody, and ground ourselves to move with confidence, stability, and ease in life.

Each class will include the following:

  • Fundamentals of chronic pain
  • Ways to effectively manage stress
  • Strengthen the nervous system

      • Nourishing and sustaining resilience
      • Breathing and mindfulness techniques to selectively target releasing unneeded tension in the mind-body-spirit complex.

These are simple, yet profound processes to help you release the pressure of life you feel built up inside you. They can shift and uplift your energy, heal past pains, dissolve self-destructive negative thought patterns, and help you find peace.

These practices are simple to follow. That’s part of their extraordinary power.

The_Way_Through_Chronic FINAL front cover 397x612 100819 The Way Through Chronic Pain Book $24.95

““As a guest speaker in my holistic healing course for women in recovery, Elizabeth Kipp always delivered the most insightful, effective, and useful content on the pain experience. Not to miss!””

BSN, RN, BCC, CPRC, RYT, Holistic & Mental Health | Nurse/Coach | Addiction/Recovery

The Course Curriculum

6/7: Introduction to the Chronic Pain Phenomenon: What chronic pain is, who has it, how it is different from acute pain, and how it affects the body. Calming breath practice is included as a tool for participants to use right away to help in their healing journey.

7/5: The Healing Field: Basic Concepts in Healing – This class will cover the foundational understanding of the mind/body/spirit system and how to leverage that to optimize healing. Healing meditation included.

8/2: The Experience of a Chronic Pain Sufferer and The Way Through We will cover common cultural beliefs that lead to chronic pain and how to shift that perspective to heal the effects of chronic pain. Participants will have a self-reflection exercise to help discover behaviors they may be doing that contribute to chronic pain.

9/6: A Constructive Mindset Is Key: Since mindset is a crucial component of healing, this session will cover successful strategies participants can use to optimize their healing experience. A series of self-reflection questions will be offered to help gain further insight into healing.

10/4: Where Is Your Attention: Shifting from Angst to Peace: This class features how to use our attention as a super-tool to leverage healing power. Self-reflection questions are included to help participants hone their focusing skills. A focusing meditation included.

11/1: Balancing the Negative Mind: Chronic pain is filled with negative thinking. This session will cover how the negative mind reveals itself, the lies it can tell us, how it helps us, and how to manage it. An exercise in balancing the negative mind will be offered. An exercise on Taming the Inner Critic is offered.

12/6: Genetics, Ancestral Clearing, and the Power of Presence: This session will cover chronic pain and its epigenetic roots, how Ancestral Clearing can help shift unhealthy habits, and the value of living in the present moment. Self-reflection questions and an experience of Ancestral Clearing are included.

1/3: The Twelve Steps of Chronic Pain: This session will explore a process to help provide a personal inquiry and helpful perspective to aid in the healing journey.

2/7: Mindfulness and the Breath: The breath defines our entire existence. This session will cover the how and why of conscious breathing. Breathwork exercises will be taught so participants can learn in this experiential class.

3/7: The Importance of Self-Care: The concept of self-care is at the core of healing chronic pain. This session offers ways to develop the elements of an easy, healthy daily self-care routine. A powerful meditation on nature will be included.

4/4: Elements of a Daily Spiritual Practice: This session outlines the parts of a daily spiritual practice to help align participants with their Higher Self to optimize healing. Elizabeth will help each participant customize their practice to suit their specific needs.

5/2: The Twelve Steps of Wellness – The Twelve Steps of Wellness will be offered here as a way to bring all the material from previous sessions together and summarize all the teachings in this course.

60 mins per session

First Tuesday of the month at 7 pm ET/4 pm PT launching 6/7/22

Value - $1500

Cost: Donation

The_Way_Through_Chronic FINAL front cover 397x612 100819 The Way Through Chronic Pain Book $24.95

“"I know that if I could apply the tools to heal my chronic pain, I can apply them to the rest of my life. Elizabeth helped me open the door to my healing."”

Riverside, CA

The practices and lessons in these classes are designed to help you...

  • Find your way through the chronic pain experience
  • Create positive change, bringing ease and peace into your relationships and your life.
  • Learn how to manage restlessness.
  • Move out of suffering and into a thriving life.
  • Find a path to connect to your true self.
  • Reduce your reactivity and increase your ability to respond calmly.
  • Expand your capacity to live a conscious life.

The suffering we experience lives inside us just as our physical pain does. I have spent years learning, practicing, and incorporating the modalities in these classes.

I am honored to share my years of experience, training, and personal practice to help you on your journey to peace, self-acceptance, and empowerment.

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The_Way_Through_Chronic FINAL front cover 397x612 100819 The Way Through Chronic Pain Book $24.95

““Elizabeth holds space in the most loving way. Her skill and guidance while holding such a divine space, allows her to be a wonderful practitioner. I am deeply grateful for how she has helped me.””

Epigeneticist, Birmingham, UK

Elizabeth Kipp

“Check out this wonderful offering by my dear mentor and friend Elizabeth Kipp. She is an expert and author on trauma, chronic pain, and recovery. She is a generous and wise teacher who makes these big topics accessible and brings humor and levity to the experience.”

Recovery Coach, Owner at RISE Wellness, Phuket, Thailand

Elizabeth Kipp

“I participated in Elizabeth's Healing Chronic Pain Recovery Online Coaching program and I found it very informative. She has showed us a lot of ways how to calm down our overactive nervous system and showed us how to interact with our pain - how to be a neutral observer and how to really accept what is going on without resistance. She also responded very quickly to any questions I had about the programme or the book she wrote. I highly recommend this course. Thank you, Elizabeth!”


Thursdays beginning June 7, 2022 6-6pm(CST)/7pm(EST) Donation Only (Value $1500)

The_Way_Through_Chronic FINAL front cover 397x612 100819 The Way Through Chronic Pain Book $24.95

“Elizabeth provided the safe, sacred space for me to process whatever came up ... uncomfortable feelings, past experiences, uncertainty. She allowed me to move at a pace that was comfortable for me and she honored every step of my healing. Her unconditional presence and reassurance encouraged me to keep healing, keep growing and keep letting go.”

Neenah, WI

The Way Through Chronic Pain: Tools to Reclaim Your Healing Power Course

Let yourself be free and unburdened.

I hope that you’ll join us.

NOW on a Donation Only Basis ($1500 retail value).

The_Way_Through_Chronic FINAL front cover 397x612 100819 The Way Through Chronic Pain Book $24.95

“Elizabeth’s Chronic Pain course is a fantastic offering. As a participant in this work with Elizabeth, I will tell you that its effects are moving, meaningful, productive, and permanent.”

joyceventures.com , Tampa Bay, FL