Your Vehicle to Discovery

Paths to Inner Peace – A 90 Day Journal & Workbook is designed as a journal and workbook all-in-one. It’s your vehicle to discovery, finding presence in the moment of your day and your life, and for being able to track the transformation that will naturally occur as you work your way through the 90-days of discovery.

In the Kundalini yoga tradition, it is said that it takes 40 days to break a habit, 90 days to establish a new habit, 120 days to integrate the new habit into your being, and 1000 days to master that new habit.

In the world of recovery, in the first three months, the suggestion is that we go to 90 meetings in 90 days, get a sponsor, and start working The Twelve Steps. One reason I developed this journal was for people in recovery to be able to freely journal their experiences daily outside of the structure of The Twelve Steps. I wanted to add a place where creativity could flow, and to expand our experiences during our recovery journey.

With the Paths to Inner Peace – A 90 Day Journal & Workbook, you have the opportunity to incorporate some new ideas into your life around living beyond suffering and chronic pain. I will even go so far as to say that when you have completed this 90-day journal, you might even find that you have shifted into a thriving life where you don’t feel weighed down by physical, or emotional pain. My hope is that you will ultimately find a new path inward to where a vast well of peace lies, in the quiet and stillness of your consciousness.

Inspire, Calm, Humor, and Unleash Your Innate Healing Power

eJournalOur bodies have an extraordinary ability to heal. I have experienced this myself. Profoundly. Doctors can set a broken bone, but they cannot tell the body how to heal. Only the body knows how to do this. Our job is to ‘get out of the way’ and let that healing happen. This journal & workbook brings you 90 different thoughts, ideas, or perspectives that might inspire, calm, humor, and otherwise help chart a new path forward to unleash your innate healing power. It’s my hope that you will find a deeper sense of peace and self-love because of spending these 90 days with yourself.

I created this journal so that you can enter each daily account in whatever way supports you best. There is something unrivalled, cleansing, and healing about putting pen or pencil to paper and expressing your inner most emotions. My hope is that you can reflect quietly what has birthed forth from within and discover a better understanding of yourself, ultimately deepening your sense of self-love and self-compassion. These daily entries are a critical part of finding your way to greater inner peace and the life you deserve.

Here are a few suggestions for how you can use the journal pages:

  1. Journal what you are grateful for each day.
  2. Share an experience that you had that led to more, or even less, peace in your life. As a journal of transformation, it is so helpful to know where you are in the moment. Then later you can look back and see how far you might have come in your journey to healing.
  3. Bring back a leaf or other memento from a walk out in nature and tape it onto the page.
  4. Doodle – allow yourself the freedom to express whatever it is that you are feeling in the moment that you are visiting the journal for the day.

However you decide to use these pages, you will learn more about yourself. As you learn more about yourself, you will be better able to see what is blocking you or opening for you in your quest to heal.  Awareness of your experience, whether you are resisting the moment or allowing it, will serve you well as pointers to ‘getting out of your own way’ and letting the body do the healing that only it knows how to do!

Elizabeth Kipp

“This Journal is gorgeous! Such lovely artwork, and the gentle guidance of what to look at is very helpful for people who can’t figure out where to start. This is Inspired and Creative and very Useful.”

Yoga Therapist, Treating Trauma with Yoga