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The Ancestors Within - Book Two - Discover & Connect with Your Ancient Origins

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The Ancestors Within Book 2 cover

The Ancestors Within - Book Two - Discover & Connect with Your Ancient Origins

(October 2021) – Compiled by Amy Gillespie Dougherty

Elizabeth Kipp contributed Chapter 18: Empaths and Ancestors: Cultivating Empathic Skills to Connect and Work with Your Ascendants.

It didn’t start with you. You are the sum total of your ancestors.

You were a dream of your ancestor’s ancestors so many moons ago. They worked tirelessly through thick and thin, times of hardship and times of plenty, days of birth and days of death, and forged ahead into an unknown future. Your ancestors hoped that you would find a better life – a life rich in meaning and fulfillment.

You will soon hold in your hands the work of twenty-five author-experts who have come together to share ancestry-related experiences, studies, and tools, clearing the mist between you and your lost family members.

We hope you find in this book a whole new way to unravel the mystery of you, and we believe your ancestors are rejoicing today, the day they’ve been awaiting.

Paperback copies, personally autographed by Elizabeth Kipp.

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