Terms and conditions

Terms of Service Waiver for Appointments and Events

Session Waiver: You must read and agree to the following Session Waiver and type your signature in the box at the bottom of the page to schedule an appointment.

I wish to participate with Elizabeth Kipp of Elizabeth Kipp Stress Management, LLC (“Practitioner”) in techniques of relaxation, visual imagery, stress reduction, forgiveness prayers and peacemaking and other forms of communication for the purpose of self-improvement. I understand that this session and any subsequent consultations and/or sessions are for informational purposes only and are not intended in any way, shape, or form to replace conventional medical treatment or therapy of any kind. I consent to these stated self-improvement techniques and take full responsibility for informing Practitioner if I become uncomfortable with any part of the process. As the purchaser of a consultation and/or session, I certify that I am at least 18 years of age, of sound mind and competent mental capacity. I understand, agree and consent to the following terms:

  • My consultation and/or session with Practitioner is a prayer and forgiveness consultation, an exchange around experiences of chronic pain and an exploration of stress reduction techniques; it is not a medical evaluation, diagnosis, prescription, treatment or prognosis (medical care) or any kind of substitute for medical care or other licensed health care. Elizabeth Kipp, Elizabeth Kipp Stress Management, LLC, and all persons acting in conjunction with Practitioner at which this consultation and/or session occurs, or otherwise, are not medical or licensed health care practitioners, do not provide medical care or health care in connection with this consultation and/or session, do not make any representation or promise regarding the effects or outcome of this consultation and/or session, and do not in connection with this consultation and/or session assume responsibility for any medical or health condition that I now have or may have in the future, regardless of whether I have informed them of such medical or health condition. I will not base this consultation and/or session, modify, suspend, or stop any medical care or licensed health care I am now receiving or may receive in the future, without first consulting an appropriate medical or licensed health care practitioner responsible for that care.                             
  • I have read and understand this document and authorize the consultation and/or session to which it pertains. This release and waiver is part of the consideration to Practitioner for this consultation and/or session, and Practitioner would not provide this consultation and/or session without this release and waiver. On behalf of myself, and my heirs, representatives, successors, and assigns, I release and waive any and all claims in connection with this consultation and/or session that I or they now have or may have in the future against Elizabeth Kipp, Elizabeth Kipp Stress Management, LLC, or any employees, contractors, or agents of Elizabeth Kipp or Elizabeth Kipp Stress Management, LLC.
  • With the exception of medical and/or personal emergency, Practitioner requires at least 24 hours’ notice if you must cancel your appointment. If you do not cancel your appointment with at least 24 hours’ notice, you will be billed in full.

For training or group events, the deposit is non-refundable, except for documented medical or personal emergency. 

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